The Platform with Content Creator in Mind

By Miljenko Logozar on Tue Aug 24 2021

How is StoryDeck different from other file managing platforms on the market?

In StoryDeck, we focus not just on what your video story looks like but also on giving you a complete production experience. From the moment of inspiration to the final product, everything goes through StoryDeck's production process. Taking notes and brainstorming ideas with other team members or external collaborators, defining tasks for story execution, getting feedback on scripts or videos in Progress in real-time – all that takes your story from idea to finalized project.

Nevertheless, our platform architecture is created entirely with a video in mind. As a result, our users can store, archive all of their content, use StoryDeck for video sharing, and have an engaging video review experience. This is why our platform is closer to the content management tools rather than just file sharing solution.

Why do we take real-time communication very seriously?

Believe it or not, you can create content with a group of people in chat applications. But, of course, you would have to use software connectors for multiple other tools such as tools for storing video files, project management, and tools for writing and collaborative text editing.

In today's social media and video world, you need to work with other people in the same room or on a different continent. Chat applications are great for team collaborations, but they don't offer a good video viewing experience and have limited file uploads.

As well, they do not provide collaborative work when it comes to the video itself. StoryDeck helps teams work better together by providing an easy-to-use built-in video player and timecode comments. Of course, all of this is possible without the limitations found in other chat applications.

Still, along with all the cool video review features, users can have a real-time chat within the Story Chat. This way, all of your team's conversations stay together in one place, so you never miss what the other person said again.

The goal is for you and your team to develop original storylines while breaking down any barriers in communication between you and those involved. You can save your brainstorming session as you go, making it easy to revisit when you need a creative boost.

Is StoryDeck just another task management platform?

Visual storytellers should not use the same tools as IT professionals or building companies. Those tools are simply not suitable for creatives.

StoryDeck is not a task management tool but rather a video collaboration and content production platform. It's what you need to produce your story for any medium - whether you're working on a YouTube channel or with live streaming.

We provide more than just an easy-to-use interface: you get everything you need from the moment of inspiration to the final product - all in one place.

Many content creators are using tools like Trello, Asana, or Click Up for managing their production. Still, none of those platforms offer native video experience, have very limited uploads per file, and do not support collaborative work on video files.

StoryDeck offers unlimited uploads per file and collaborative video tools that allow users to share videos with others. In addition, all video files can be previewed in a built-in video player with review comments on the specific video frame, individual videos, or entire projects. Finally, with archiving options for finalized projects, StoryDeck simplifies work management by giving you a place to store all your videos in one central hub.

Still, StoryDeck offers task management features that keep track of all unfinalized tasks across all the projects, upcoming deadlines, unread messages, and more.

Your Story, Your Way.

The digital space is moving more towards video storytelling than ever before as it's an easy way to capture attention and convey emotions. As a result, you need to produce content and collaborate effectively with other people on that same platform.

In StoryDeck, we focus on creativity, collaboration, productivity, and accessibility. While you can focus on your creative process without worrying about integrating various tools into one solution, which might work for you. Everything in a single intuitive dashboard that helps you focus on what really matters: your storytelling.

With a lot of features, you can benefit from, we make it easy to collaborate with others on your project and never miss an opportunity for collaboration again:

StoryDeck - list of features
StoryDeck - list of features

10 Things why you should try StoryDeck

  • you have a place for all the content you create to live, without any limitations - catalog and store your cloud-based content for better and easier future use
  • you get a platform that is designed around video storytelling from the ground up, with you in mind
  • you get an easy to use task management tool that keeps track of all unfinalized tasks across all the projects you're working on at any given moment
  • you can quickly search anything from keywords to even exact video frames, which means you'll spend more time producing content and less time searching for the correct file
  • upload videos without upload size or storage space limitations with the same ease as you would upload a picture or document - you don't need to invest money into online storage space anymore; upload videos without having to convert your video files; we take care of that for you
  • work with other people in the same room or on a different continent while still maintaining creativity and efficiency
  • have a real-time chat within StoryChat without switching between various applications and missing messages - all your team conversations stay together in one place
  • increase collaboration not only between you and your team members but also with other people that you work with outside of the office, simplifying communication across all these different spaces in one place
  • get a video review using our built-in video player and time code commenting feature that helps users create content more efficiently
  • upload to YouTube directly from the comfort of your digital workplace – we will help you get the most out of your content by using best practices for YouTube uploads

Who should try to use StoryDeck?

YouTubers, bloggers, content creators, storytellers, copywriters, writers, virtual assistants, storytellers, social media managers, strategy marketers, individuals involved in digital marketing and content marketing - in general, anyone who wants to manage their content in a better way.

The StoryDeck, which you can try for free, is a dashboard of all your social platforms streamlined into one place you can quickly navigate. It allows you to create storyboards by seamlessly connecting with contacts inside and outside the office - making brainstorming easily accessible and sharing video content pleasurable.

No matter if you're writing, shooting video, or developing graphics. You can do everything from one single dashboard in an intuitive way that suits you.

Our platform is still in the beta stage, but we're working on a version that will launch later this year. And as soon as there's news, you'll be among the first to know!

If you have any questions about our platform or what you could use it for - don't hesitate and contact us at anytime.

We hope you'll find The StoryDeck helpful when making your digital content production process more straightforward and better organized.